Printable Safety Tips


Kids are going to fall crash, slip, and tumble. It is all part of being a kid. But there are little things we can all do to ensure that kids avoid the more serious injuries that can lead to disabilities and even death. Safe Kids Upstate is here to make it easy for you!

Think of us as your go-to-source for local safety information and safety tips. On this page, you will find tips from top safety experts and research based fact sheets to make you more knowledgeable in ways to prevent serious injuries in children.

Be sure to share this information with a friend and/or family member. Because when it comes to keeping kids happy, active, and safe we are all in this together.

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Child Passenger Safety Facts and Tip Sheets

The Ultimate Car Seat Guide

Car Seat Checklist

Car Seat Checklist in Spanish

Car Seat Safety Tips

Driveway Safety Tips

School Bus Safety Tips

South Carolina CPS Law

Holiday and Vacation Tip Sheet

Holiday Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips in Spanish

Home Safety Facts and Tip Sheets

Fire Escape Plan

Home Safety Checklist

Home Safety Infographic

Home Safety Inforgraphic in Spanish

Home Safety Tips

Medication Safety Infographic

Motor Vehicle Safety Fact Sheet

Toy Safety Tips

TV Tip-Over Infographic

Water Safety Tips at Home

Pedestrian Safety Tips

School Zone Infographic

Safe Sleep and Suffocation Facts and Tip Sheet

Sleep Safety Tips

Suffocation Fact Sheet

Sports Safety Facts and Tip Sheets

Bike Safety Tips

Bike Safety Tips in Spanish

Helmet Fit Test

Helmet Fit Test in Spanish

Sports Safety Checklist for Athletes

Sports Safety Checklist for Coaches

Sports Safety Checklist for Coaches in Spanish

Sports Safety Checklist for Parents

Sports Safety Checklist for Parents in Spanish

Sports Safety Tips

Wheeled Sports Fact Sheet

Summer and Playground Safety Facts and Tip Sheet

Playground Safety Tips

Summer Safety Checklist

Summer Safety Checklist in Spanish

Teen Driving Facts and Tip Sheet

Countdown to Drive-FREE PROGRAM

Getting Ready to Drive

Teen Driving Resource Guide

Water Safety Facts and Tip Sheets

Pool Safety Checklist

Pool Safety Checklist SP

Swimming and Boating Safety Fact Sheet

Swimming Safety Tips

Water Safety Infographic

Water Watcher Card