dsc_1846The house is an 8- by 13-foot interactive exhibit equipped with an adult-sized kitchen, living room and bathroom. After a short introduction on home safety, children pretend to be safety inspectors as they move through the house searching for common safety hazards. Healthcare professionals from Safe Kids Upstate, the Childrens Intensive Care, Pediatric and Womens Education Units of the Greenville Health System carefully selected each dangerous item. Trained childrens advocates interact with the children, explaining each potential hazard. The advocates also hand out safety checklists that children use to inspect their own homes for dangers such as poisons, kitchen hazards, kerosene heaters, guns and more.

gateway_elemOver the years Safe Kids Upstate has presented Buddys Safety House at countless health and safety fairs, business grand openings and safety days, and other community events. Since its creation this safety exhibit has hosted over 80,000 children and their families. Buddys House has visited every public elementary school in the Greenville County School district as well as many day care centers, churches and civic groups. In addition to thousands of children touring each year, the exhibit is transported on major highways to our neighboring counties in Pickens and Oconee. The house won Safe Kids Worldwides Most Innovative Program of 1997.

Buddys Safe House, sponsored by Remax, is highly visible as it travels to elementary schools, child development centers and many community events each year. Additional sponsors will also have the opportunity to place their logos on Buddys Home Safety Checklist (English & Spanish).